Monday, October 9, 2017

We will stop Abe administration’s rampage〜A new party forms

EDANO Yukio, formerly the Democratic (Minshin) Party member, announced at a press conference held on Oct. 2 that he formed a new political party “The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan.” Asked about the most important point of this election, Edano said, “It is to stop Abe administration’s rampage that destroyed constitutionalism, misappropriated politics and expanded income disparity.” He then added that he saw the limit in top-down politics and intended to focus on grass-roots democracy in economic and social measures. While pushing for postponement of consumption tax hike, no nuclear and opposition of Article 9 revision, Edano said he was considering cooperation with diverse citizens, namely collaboration with ‘Shimin Rengo (Citizens United),’ rather than focusing on relationships with other political parties.” He also emphasized that his party represents workers’ viewpoints. With the press conference marking a powerful kickoff of the new party, Edano was scheduled to register his party the next day along with several politicians who responded to his call. (By M)
Photo: TBS News


写真: TBSのニュース

We must not repeat the history of Imperial Rule Assistant Association

 As the lower house was dissolved on Sept. 28, nearly 1,300 people including labor unionists and religious leaders gathered at the Diet to protest to the political parties seeking their own interests. Organized by the Sogakari Committee, tension was rising at the protest action amidst the controversial merging of Kibo-no-to (Party of Hope) and Minshin (The Democratic Party of Japan).
“The dissolution (of the House of Representatives) was misappropriation of the right to dissolve,” Hose University Professor YAMAGUCHI Jiro said, representing Shimin Rengo (Citizens united). “Four oppositions parties reached an agreement with the Citizens united on Sept. 26 to help one another in the upcoming election campaign, but we still see Kibo-no-to and Minshin collaboration a problem.”
FUKUSHIMA Mizuho, member of Japan Socialist Party, was applauded when she said, “The parliament is trembling. Kibo-no-to has constitutional revision written in its pledge. Liberals must unite and prevent such a move. We must not repeat the history of the Imperial Rule Assistant Association.”(By S) 

「大政翼賛会になだれこむ歴史を作ってはならない」~ 9.28 解散日国会前行動

928日、衆院が解散された。国会議員会館前で は、12時から「党利党略解散」抗議
行動が行われた。主催は「戦 争させない・9条壊すな!総がかり行動実行委員会」
3団体で、 市民、労働組合、宗教者など1300人が集まった。民進党の希望の 党へ
の合流が現実のものとなる中、行動は緊張感に満ちていた。 市民連合の山口二郎法
政大学教授は、「今回の解散は解散権の私 物化だ。ヒトラーの手口といえる。戦争
か平和かが争点だ。火曜日 (926日)には、4野党と市民連合の選挙合意が成立し
たが、そ の後の希望の党と民進の提携に頭を抱えている」と率直な発言。 社民党の
福島みずほ議員が、「国会がゆれている。希望の党は憲法 改正を公約している。リ
ベラルを結集し、こうした流れを阻止し ていこう。大政翼賛会になだれこむ歴史を
作ってはならない」と述 べると、参加者から割れるような拍手が起きた。(S